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What does "redraw" mean?
Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw the same number of cards as were previously in your hand.

What happens if I can't play a character during setup?
Discard a card from your hand and redraw. If you only have one card in your hand, just redraw the one card until you get a character.

Are there rules regarding the discard pile?
Cards in the discard pile are always face up, but a player may only look through their own discard pile (at any time). Cards in the discard pile are not in play and cannot be spotted.

Can a character just use items without using an attack or skill?
No. Items may only be used as part of an attack or skill, during the attack phase. Characters without attacks or skills can never use items.

What happens when two players want to use conflicting effects?
Priority for using affects (such as from persist events or character abilities) starts with the current player and goes clockwise. For example, "Pad Cleaning" and "ITG Tournament" conflict. If the current player wants to use "ITG Tourmanent"'s effect to make a flip heads, and his opponent to his left wants to "Pad Cleaning" to flip instead, the flip is made heads (and due to "ITG Tourmanent"'s effect, no flip actually occurs to affect with "Pad Cleaning").

What is the difference between a round and a turn?
A "round" starts with the beginning of your turn and ends at the beginning of your next turn. A "turn" is one player's chance to play cards and do things. Therefore a round consists of each player's turn, from start to finish.

Nick H.


What is a "single" character"?
"Single" vs "Dual" are different classes of characters. The main difference is that dual character cards count as two characters in play. Everything not explicitly marked otherwise (and all the characters in the base set) are single characters.

What happens to attached cards when a character is returned to my hand?
All attached cards are discarded unless otherwise specified. This includes any tasks the character may be working on.

How do effects and targetting work with dual characters?
A dual character card counts as two characters for all gameplay purposes, so a multi-target attack can target (and hit) a dual character twice. However, anything that affects one affects the other (for example, preventing one from attacking prevents both from attacking, and if one is working, both are working).

Does a dual character let me refresh two cards?
Yes. The number of refreshes you get during your Reconcile phase is based on the number of characters you have in play, and a dual character counts as two characters.

When can abilities be used?
At any time (even during other people's turns) unless otherwise specified. For example, you can use "Jen C. - Tartan Operations Manager"'s ability to give her a trait while an opponent is attacking.


I can't score duplicate tasks... but can I play them?
Yes. You may play, work on, and complete as many copies of a task as you wish. (If the scored copy were somehow discarded, a second copy could be scored during your next reconcile phase.) This is also a way to make sure a character is eternally "working".


What does "this character" on attached events refer to?
It refers to the character that the event is attached to. For example, "Produce Pages" grants an attack that does 3 damage if the character the card is attached to is "Tartan", not if the chosen target its "Tartan".

Can I score multiple copies of the same "Route" card?
Not unless you are allowed to score duplicate tasks via some effect. Route cards scored as tasks keep their name and are subject to the rule against scoring duplicate tasks.


What happens if I "instead deal damage" (with something like "Carry the Burden") to a character that cannot be damaged?
You can't. If you can't place the damage on a character, you didn't actually damage a different character instead, did you? :)

In what order are damage modifiers applied?
Additional damage is applied first, followed by damage multipliers. All additions (and subtractions) are applied at the same time. All multipliers are applied at the same time.

Can I apply damage reduction effects (like "John R. - .NET Programmer"'s "Concentrate on Code" ability) before or after moving damage (with something like "Patrick K. - Tartan Ombudsman"'s "Ombudsman" ability)?
Yes, but damage may only be moved once. For example, if the original target was John, but you "deal that damage to (Patrick) instead," Patrick takes half of the original damage. However, you cannot then use another ability to move the damage way from Patrick.

If a character is killed while attacking (such as "Emily F. - Readme Gal"'s self-damaging attack), does the attack immediately end?
No. Once started, an attack continues until it is complete, even if the character is killed in the middle.

Does self damage from an attack count as part of the attack?
Yes. Using a Camera with an attack like "Alex Y. - Math Major"'s "Mathematical Constant" would increase the damage both to the target and to the user (so Alex would do 2 damage to herself and 4 damage to the target).


If a card (like "Fun With Friends") lets a character exhaust twice, does this mean they can attack twice?
Yes. Since you exhaust a character to use an Attack or Skill, if you can provide enough items, exhausting the character twice means you can attack with it twice.

If I exhausted a character twice, do I need to refresh it twice?
No. Refreshing a card brings it back to "normal" state, regardless of how many times it was exhausted before.

If I exhausted a character twice last turn and did not refresh it, can I exhaust it again this turn with an "exhaust twice" effect?
No, since that would mean it is exhausted three times. It is recommended that you turn the card another 90 degrees to indicate it was exhausted twice.

Can a dual character normally be exhausted twice per turn?
No. Exhaustion is a property of a card, not a character (remember that item cards can also be exhausted). Effects that would let you exhaust a character twice per turn would let a dual character be exhausted twice.

When a character is exhausted to provide an item (such as "Evan K. - Copy Manager"), what name is the item?
The item counts as the name of the character. For example, exhausting Evan for "Channing M. - Fashion Designer"'s attack would mean the attack does 2 damage (since one of the items used was named "Evan K.").

Specific Cards

Courtney C. - Tennis Team Player: If I don't attack one turn, does the damage reset?
Yes, since it did 0 damage the previous turn. Also note that boosting the damage (with Cameras, for example), will ramp up to the limit faster.

Coffee: Is the damage and refresh effect optional?
No. The effect does not say "may". If you don't want the effect, don't use the item.

Collaborate: Is the effect exponential?
Yes. Attaching two copies to a single task makes it worth +8 total (+4 from each). Attaching three copies makes it worth +18, and attaching four copies makes it worth +32.

Josh I. - ITG Player: Since you exhaust a character when using a skill, do I have to exhaust him again when I want to make the flip heads?
Yes. To use Josh's skill fully, you must either be able to exhaust him twice in a turn, or be able to refresh him after using the skill.