Attack, attack, attack! Swimming allows you to attack more often since you won't need to refresh your characters. Save up items when you need to take down someone tough or more than one person in the same round. Alternating rounds of attacking with extra draws can also help you build up a large hand for Jennifer C.'s attack, which can also help you find your Cameras faster. Gabriel R. helps with the hand limit discards.

Characters - 24
Base Set:
4 x Amanda C. - Journalist
4 x Courtney W. - Tartan Editor
4 x Douglas M. - Info Desk Staff
2 x Gabriel R. - English Major
2 x Jennifer C. - Drama Production Major
2 x Jeremy P. - Board Gamer
4 x Jon A. - Math and Stats Major
2 x Sarah M. - Possessor of Hats

Tasks - 0

Events - 10
Base Set:
2 x Study Break
2 x Eat Lunch
4 x Solve Puzzle
2 x Swimming

Items - 20
Basic Items:
4 x Chalk
4 x Marker
4 x Pen
4 x Pencil
Base Set:
4 x Camera

Storage - 0